M&V - Toronto Wedding Photography - Katerina Khaykin

This Saturday was a wonderful kick off to a busy wedding season. Marat and Vera’s wedding was a complete blast from start to finish they are such a happy, fun loving and playful couple which made them perfect models and a joy to work with.

Meeting their family and friends and capturing their special day was absolutely amazing. After the day of shooting was done I could not wait to get home and look through what a magical event it was, here are some of my favorites for everyone to enjoy while I get the rest of the pictures ready for this wonderful couple.

Photography Location:

Toronto Graffiti Alley

Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens

Hair and Makeup:

Orange Tree - http://www.orangetreebeauty.com/


Miracle Video - http://facebook.com/VideoMiracle


Vamos Events - http://www.vamosevents.com


Amulet Russian Restaurant - https://www.facebook.com/AmuletRussianRestaurant

You can see Vera and Marat's engagement photos here:


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